Challenges: A Paradox that Explains the Working Behavior

Hasan Ubaidullah
5 min readSep 6, 2019


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A special day out of random

It was the hard day for me as I was heading to an interview. I did some research about the company’s scope and services as I was sure to secure this opportunity at any cost. I reached the company in late morning as I came across lot of stuff that was going against the wind. I entered the company building with confused mindset, maybe it was normal. After entering the office, I was blank before the employees working there. They were staring me as I was aimlessly get into the office.

First step of the ladder

I summed up some courage and ask a lady, “Where is Human Resource Department”? She replied spontaneously, “Are you here for an interview”? Her words left some comfort as I was ultra-nervous to see that many people staring at me for a while. I immediately asked, “Yes, can you please direct me”? She picked up the receiver and dialed some number. I was hopeful until then. She was mumbling in the receiver alongside nodding her head to clarify that she understands everything word for word. After she hung up the phone, she attentively asked me to go in the office room (exactly opposite to her) to meet Director of the company for interview. A wave of uncertainty occupied me again and I head towards the room to meet the Director.

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Opening of Pandora Box

He greeted me warmly and asked me to handover my CV to him. I did the same and he started reading it thoroughly. He was calm and courageous at that time (at least apparently). After a few minutes, he looked at me and said, “You asked for an internship, right?” I replied, “Yes sir and I won’t mind an internship leading to a job placement at your company”. He smiled and asked, “I don’t know why, but I am reluctant to offer a job especially to newbies”. It seems the direct declaration that I am not get a job placement here but deep inside I was telling myself to somehow convince him of my abilities and the dedication towards work at his company. I asked him the reason behind his ideology. He replied, “I have hired a lot of new people and none of them stayed more than three months in the company. They came here only to learn from the experts and then they prefer to serve some other companies instead of mine. I can’t distinguish their psyche behind this action”. He stopped speaking but I was watching his face without blinking my eyes. It was feeling like he was looking for someone to tell all this and then I appeared at the scene. Later on, I defended the interview quite overwhelmingly and he offered me the internship for a month.

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A fresh start

I was asked to stay at inventory store to get the know-how of the stuff that was being utilized by the company for their services. I stayed there for two days and I got to learn a lot there but there was a thing stuck in my mind for the whole time. Those words that came out of Director’s moth the day of interview were circulating in my brain and I was forced to think about it by myself. I talked to a number of employees who were working outside the office. They were gentle and co-operative with me.

The tangled reality

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On second day, I was talking to one of my co-worker in store room when something really unreasonable conversation started. He was staying, alongside other three fellows, in a little apartment granted by company. After listening to his words, “Do you know, Many employees had left the company for a reason?”, I was stunned and anxious at the same time. He asked, they often complained about unpaid overwork and lack of facilitation. Understanding the other side of the coin enables me to draw a conclusive argument which I have named as, Challenges: A Paradox that Explains the Working Behavior.

We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. — Iris Murdoch

Rediscovering the understanding

Challenge was the only concept which was misunderstood by both of the stakeholders. It was like, I do like something but I don’t want that something.

On one side, a leader is serving his employees with challenges which will in return benefit them. He has a vision of taking his company to next level alongside adding value to his employees.

Other side is not much different but not exactly same as well. Employees came to his company for work and hence to grow themselves. They are passionately looking for experience to gain expertise in the particular field.

Who is plying wrong then? It is hard to distinguish. Both associates can put their ideology on stake to prove themselves right. The problem is persisting due to inadequate communication and hence negligible mental and psychological equity. Both parties can sit together to discuss this paradoxical situation. Director is not willing to discuss with employees about the ground-realities as he didn’t consider it the problem after employees resignations. And employees are not summing up the courage to get in touch directly with the authority to deal with the problems before another resignation awaits director in coming days!

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